Tunnel Thruster 

For save and easy mooring, support during fishing and operation under dynamic positioning, tunnel thrusters are a good technical and economical solution.

Tunnel thrusters, positioned at the bow or stern of a ship can increase the manoeuvrability and support dynamic position operations. We can supply electric motor driven, hydraulic motor driven and diesel engine driven tunnel thrusters from 20kW to 2900kW. The tunnel structures can be manufactured in steel, aluminium or FRP depending on vessel hull material.


Poseidon Tunnel Thrusters have a well-engineered design and are available in a wide range of sizes from 20kW to 2900kW.

  • Quiet and durable gearcase with Klingelnberg gears, designed with KissSoft software.
  • Easy plug and play systems
  • Multiple options and
  • Customized solutions
  • Designed for optimal comfort
  • Complex installation possible due to … software