Service products

Poseidon can offer a selection of standard products such as waterlubricated bearings, glands, shaft brackes, shaft blocking systems, steering hydraulics, anodes and earthlings devices to eliminate corrosion problems. We can supply and integrate these into our stern gear systems or supply as individual parts.

  • Anodes that can be mounted as a tip on a propeller nut
  • Ring anodes for mounting on the shaft between  propeller and tube (bracket)
  • 1/2 bollar zinc anodes to mount towards a bracket hub
  • Bollar anodes can be mounted on a section of the underwater shaft
  • Single or double copper/carbon contacts
  • Shaft brackes
  • Shaft blocking systems
  • Rubber bearings in metric and imperial sizes
  • Rope cutters
  • Steering hydraulic
  • Homokinetic couplings and thrustbearings.