All Poseidon products are produced and assembled in-house. A variety of conventional and CNC machines are used to manufacture shafts and other related parts and products.

Maximum dimensions that can be produced out of one piece is 840/540x 12.500 mm, with a straightness of 0,1 mm per meter. Materials like DUPLEX and MONEL are often used.

High Quality Poseidon products are produced and assembled for various customers worldwide:

  • Pegasus seal
  • Poseidon seal
  • Heracles seal
  • Poseidon and Orion Thrust Bearings
  • Flexible Couplings
  • Fixed and Steerable Nozzels
  • Wing & Fish Tail Rudders.Additional services we can offer:
  • Laser alignment and casting the stern gear
  • Laser alignment of bearings, thrust blocks, gearboxes and engines
  • Mounting of the stern gear in the vessel
  • World Wide Service.