Fishtail rudders

These polyurethane fishtail rudders are developed to be used in combination with the fixed nozzle. They can also be used with great success as a rudder in combination with an open propeller. The rudder shaft is standard build  with a fixed rudder shaft but  it can also be made with a flange.

Rudder tubes                                                                     

To facilitate all the Poseidon steerable nozzles and the fishtail rudders,  we have standardized the range of rudder tubes. These are available in steel, aluminium and GRP.The steel tube can be manufactured as a weldable installation. Standard they are designed to be cast in an outer tube with an epoxy resin.

The tiller arm connection with the shaft is designed as a clamping device. This means that  the position can always be adjusted and the standard rudderstock or fishtail rudder does not require any final machining.


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