Poseidon Drive

Characteristics of the POSEIDON DRIVE

  • Competitive, well engineered design and modern, cost effective production methods
  • Isolation of vibrations and sound due to a combination of flexible engine mounts and has more freedom of movement
  • Slim and short building
  • Light weight as the both housing and flex discs are manufactered in marine grade aluminium
  • Simple installation
  • Designed to facilitate a longevity
  • Available on a wide variety of types

Engine side:

  • With a Flexible Constant Velocity that can handle different angles
  • With a cardan shaft  that can handle an off-set
  • With a flexible Poseidon coupling/shaft

Propeller site:

  • With a flange
  • With a clamping bush
  • With a internal taper (very short installation) of extra short build.