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Pegasus seal


The Pegasus seal meets the modern high-quality standards and is developed for applications where NO leaking is allowed.

Shaft sizes from 50 mm up to 200 mm (2" up to 8").


  • The Pegasus seal allows both big axial and radial movements.
  • The housing is standard manufactured of seawater resistant bronze but is also available in aluminium.
  • The Pegasus seal Standard is without wearing liner. The Deluxe does have a wearing liner.
  • Both Standard and Deluxe Pegasus seal can be equipped with a stand by a seal or/and a buffer ring.
  • The buffer ring guarantees that the shaft will make no uncontrolled movements that can cause leaking. The buffer ring is required when NO bearing is positioned right after the seal.
  • The stand by the seal is a by oil pressure inflated rubber seal that can be used in case of emergency.
  • When the maintenance on the seal is required,  it is possible to push the shaft backwards when disconnected from the gearbox without slipping the vessel.
  • Split seals are available. Using these it is NOT required to demount the shaft from the gearbox flange when changing seals.
  • The Pegasus seal is approved by all classification societies.


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