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Pegasus seal


The Pegasus seal adheres to modern high-quality standards and is specifically designed for applications where leakage is not tolerated.

It accommodates shaft sizes ranging from 50 mm to 200 mm (2" to 8").

The Pegasus seal allows significant axial and radial movements. Its housing is typically crafted from seawater-resistant bronze, although an aluminum option is also available.

The Standard Pegasus seal does not include a wearing liner, whereas the Deluxe version does. Both Standard and Deluxe seals can be outfitted with a standby seal and/or a buffer ring.

The buffer ring ensures that the shaft remains stable, preventing any uncontrolled movements that could lead to leaks. It becomes essential when no bearing is positioned immediately after the seal.

The standby seal is an oil-pressure-inflated rubber seal intended for emergency use.

During seal maintenance, the shaft can be pushed backward when disconnected from the gearbox without risking vessel slippage.

Split seals are an option, eliminating the need to dismantle the shaft from the gearbox flange when replacing seals.

The Pegasus seal holds approvals from all major classification societies.




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