Orion Flexible Couplings

Poseidon has a serie of flexible couplings, the Orion Flexible coupling. These couplings are designed to facilitate a flexible transition from the engine to the propeller shaft while passing on thrust. This results in a smoother system.

The Orion Flexible coupling units are available from 10 up to 3000 kW application


The Orion Flexible coupling has a well-engineered design and is produced with modern, cost effective production methods.

  • Isolation of vibrations and sound due to flexible elements;
  • The engine can be positioned on flexible engine mounts to reduce vibrations;
  • Simple installation
  • Designed to facilitate a long life span
  • Slim and shot build
  • Light weight due to marine grade aluminium
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and custom solutions


The Orion Flexible coupling is available in different standard sizes but can also be customized for a perfect fit. In combination with the Orion Thrust block to transfer the thrust to the hull the system is even smoother.

There are multiple options to combine the Orion flexible coupling with:

  • A CV shaft
  • A Orion/ Heracles Thrust block to protect the engine/gearbox
  • A Pegasus seal for more reduction of vibrations
  • Single set-up
  • Twin set-up for more flexibility