Azimuth Thruster


The name Azimuth comes from the horizontal celestial coordinate system. The azimuth coordinate is the horizontal angle around the horizon.

An azimuth thruster is a steerable thruster that also turns in a 360 degrees angle around a horizontal bearing construction.

Poseidon brand Azimuth thrusters are often used for main propulsion. They are available from 60kW to 2900kW. Every individual thruster system can be optimized for vessel speed or for maximum bollard thrust. Azimuth thrusters are available in Z-drive configuration with direct diesel engine drive or in L-drive configuration for the electric motor or hydraulic motor drive. The control system comes with an interface for the autopilot system. An interface for dynamic positioning systems is optional.

Azimuth thrusters can replace conventional propulsion and rudder steering systems to perform both propulsion and steering functions. When advanced manoeuvrability is required in applications such as dynamic positioning, ship escort and ship docking services an Azimuth thruster is recommended.