Orion thrust blocks and flexible couplings

The Orion flexible couplings are developed to operate with or without propeller thrust and can be installed as a single or twin type.

  • The Heracles thrust blocks are Poseidon’s latest innovation. They are standard  manufactured with flexible mounts.
  • The Orion thrust blocks are equipped with a twin spherical bearing set. Standard we are offering a regular and a short building version. The Orion thrust blocks can be installed either rigid or flexible.For higher engine loads and/or greater torques

Poseidon is manufacturing the Heracles & Orion thrust bearings which together with the Orion flexible couplings forms a perfect unit to defend noise and vibrations in your vessel. A reduction of many decibel is the result! These units are standardized but will be engineered towards your requirement. Especially in the super yacht industry these units are used.